Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions

Q. I am planning to sell my home by myself. Will I need to pay any sort of commission or fees if I use

A. No. We are an advertising resource (think of us like your local newspaper classifieds). Our service provides you a free listing ad (you can pay to upgrade your ad if you want). We will not be involved in the sale of your property.

Q. Where / How Do I List My Property?

A. It's really simple to list your property on the system and it is free too! Simply enter the information of your property on the page here: LIST NOW. We are sorry but we can not enter the details for you, but it only takes a minute or two. You'll need to create a simple free account (name & email needed along with a password so you can log-back in) where you can manage and update your property.

Q. What if my property is listed by an agent?

A. Perfect! What agent would not want you to help them market your property! Question may be - have they put it on FREE2LIST.CA already ? - it only serves to generate interest and possible inquiries! Remember though, you have a listing with that agent so you'll probably need to hand over inquiries to them to deal with - but they're the professional, so who better to deal with buyers!

Q. I have entered my property - what's next?

A. The property will show on our network web sites, apps etc. for the duration you select and then it will be removed. You can edit, suspend or delete it any time. You can log-in to the system ( which allows you to modify, delete or upgrade the listing.

If you have chosen to show your contact information publically, people can contact you directly. If you chose to remain anonymous, the contact email will come from us () and you can log in to the system to see who is inquiring.

Q. Where do the listings show-up?

A. Our broadcast sites can be seen here. Each of these sites is marketed to a targeted audience, making the most of our marketing dollars and maximizing the effectiveness of your efforts.

Q. Why is it free?

A. For the business-minded, why would we pay all this money to maintain loads of websites? We have the opportunity to sell ads and other professional services just like many other websites. People like to put their services in front of buyers and sellers - they'll pay us for that. You get the benefit, advertisers cover the cost - perfect!

Q. Will I get SPAMMED?

A. We won't sell the list of users to third-party advertisers or spammers. We hate unsolicited email as much as you do. Make sure that people can contact you about your listing in some way though! It's worth saying though that if you publish your email address on your ad, spammers may find it (it's public).

Q. What's the reason not to do this - what's the catch?

A. It's free to list, we don't need your details, it takes 3-4 minutes to do, other people pay for the upkeep, it could bring you more buyers and more buyers could mean more money for your listing. We're struggling to find an answer to this one...

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Technical Questions

Q. I Can't Sign-up

A. You can sign-up HERE. If you can not sign-up, there's a chance you are already a member, so try to retrieve your password here. If that still does not work, please contact us using the chat (bottom right tab on this page) or email:

Q. I Can't Log-In.

A. When you signed-up for an account, you entered an email address and password. You use these in the "Log-In" box to access your information. If you are entering these and still can not get into the system, try the following.

  1. Click HERE and enter the email you used to sign-in into the box marked "Forgot Password". This will reset your password to a random number and email that to you. You use the new number to log-in, but can always change it to something else by accessing your details in the system (once logged-in, obviously).
  2. If this still does not work, your browser settings may be set to something which interferes with our system. Our site requires sessions and cookies to operate. These do not put anything on your computer that we can use to hassle you, they simply record whether you can, or can not, access a page (you are authorized to see the pages you are looking at). Standard settings in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are all fine, but if you have changed your settings to something special, you may not be able to use the system - this is, however, rare.

    If you would like instructions on how to clear your browser's cache, type "Clear Cache" and your browser into a search engine of your choice. (eg. "clear cache IE 6") Once you've completed the described steps, please close down your browser and try again.

Q. I Can't See My Property

A. Your property will be listed on dozens of web sites. Select the one that you think apply to your listing and search for it - it should be there (the domain names explain the sort of property - so if you entered a house for sale, it will not show on but will on You can also see your property by logging-in to the admin system and clicking on the "View" button next to the property listing.

Q. I need help!

A. Contact us HERE - it's the easiest thing to do and we will email you back as soon as we can.

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